Heroes Turned as Villains



Suman was a well-known star in the 80’s. He has done several action and family oriented films. He is remembered for his devotional roles as Venkateswara, Shiva and Rama. He made a comeback in the industry as a character artist. His role in Rajinikanth’s ‘Sivaji’ as an antagonist brought him critical acclaim. He did a marvellous job as the baddie in the movie. After the success of the movie, he received several offers in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. His recent film as an antagonist was Akshay Kumar’s ‘Gabbar is Back’.


Jagapathi Babu


Family hero and versatile actor Jagapathi Babu turned villain for Balakrishna’s ‘Legend’. Though it was a surprise for the audience to know that the hero who did all the family oriented roles is turning into a villain, Jaggu Bhai proved his calibre as a badass villain in the movie. His performance was highly appreciated by the critics and audience. Specialty of Jaggu Bhai is he can carry the sophisticated look of stylish yet powerful villain. This role marks a new beginning in his career as he received so many offers for the antagonist roles later. His success paved the way for many to pick negative roles.

Aravinda Swamy


Swamy calls himself an “accidental actor.” He has done just about 20 movies in 25 years. Making a quiet debut in 1991 in Rajinikanth starrer “Thalapathi,” he stormed the silver screen with his blockbuster introduction as the leading man in “Roja.” In 1992, India woke up to two ‘Made in Madras’ products with “Roja” – AR Rahman and Arvind Swamy.

Swamy once again. With “Thani Oruvan,” Swamy has returned to explore the darker side. But what makes this dark character tempting is that it is more suave, intelligent and razor-sharp that challenges both the hero and the audience. As Swamy says, this evil mould breaks the hero-villain paradigm.

In terms of acting abilities, Swamy brings a gravitas and freshness to the scene, his swag marking a departure from the rusticity and loudness that the other negative characters showed. Arvind is also very different from a Prakash Raj, who has increasingly been typecast in the same kind of negative roles in Telugu and Tamil movies. In `Thani Oruvan’, as Siddharth Abhimanyu, the character of the evil scientist, Arvind Swamy made diabolical, look classy.

“Dhruva IPS” will be Swamy’s second Telugu film after “Mounam” in 1995. But what he brings to the table now is significant as the Telugu film industry has stuck to the same set of half a dozen bad men for the better part of the last decade.

Rana Daggubati..(Bahubali 1&2)


Rana Daggubati aka Bhallala Deva is undoubtedly one of the most menacing villains we have set our eyes on In fact, the actor himself compared him to likes of Raavana and Duryodhana. And guess what,  in an EXCLUSIVE chat with Bollywoodlife, Rana Daggubati talks at length about playing the most evil yet hottest villain in the magnum opus. When asked about his look for the sequel Rana said this, “You have seen the younger version, and you have seen the older version. But in part 2 it’s a meaner, stronger older man. In terms of looks, it’s going to be far meaner and powerful.” Well, today’s look has totally kept up with that description. He has taken his towering presence to another level. Everyone is raving about his new muscular. The transformation from the first part to the second has been MASSIVE. It’s for all to see! Also Read: Baahubali 2: Rana Daggubati’s Bhallaladeva avatar has gone through a MASSIVE transformation .

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